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Location: Denver, Colorado

Project Type: Townhomes

Energy Performance: IECC +

Project Year: 2018-2019

Firm Involvement: Architecture

Size: 702 - 892 SF/per unit

Program: 2 Bed, 2 Bath

Stoires: 2


This 6-Plex project, affectionately being called the 13th Ave Micro-Townhomes, is laid out on a spacious Montclair neighborhood corner lot. Offering two street frontages, it was important to properly address both fronts with the townhouse’s architectural moves. The developers came to us, looking to bring density and affordability in a neighborhood dominated by expensive single family homes. These type of homes are often out of the price range for young families or new buyers located out in these central Denver neighborhoods. 

While zoning would have allowed for a 3rd story, and A-typical of the Denver developer mentality, an architecture of just 2 stories was chosen. Our clients chose to keep these units small yet functional. They wanted to create a space for those who were able to live small while also keeping it affordable. 

Ranging in square footage, these 2-story "micro-townhomes" range between 702 and 892 SF across 3 unit types each mirrored across an east-west axis. This project is currently working its way through construction

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