• Single point of contact

  • Sharing of knowledge

  • Accelerated project timeline

  • Greater attention to craft, workmanship, and standard of design

In Architect-Led Design+Build (ALDB) the owner and architect enter a single contract for full architecture and construction services. With the architect working as the owner’s representative for the design, they are also acting as the project manager for construction and the duration of the entire project. Being the general contractor allows the architect to gain valuable insight and knowledge from the various trades as the design process evolves. As the architect is in direct control of the drawings, they are able to feed subcontractors more accurate information for better pricing. Sharing knowledge between the architect and the trades early in the process allows the architect to lessen the likelihood of adverse circumstances. This creates a more refined, carefully crafted build.

Why choose Bonsai as Architect-Led Design+Build?

As architects, we at Bonsai Design+Build are trained designers with experience in both architecture and the construction industry. By merging these two areas of expertise at the beginning of the project, we are immediately able to discuss the effects of scheduling and pricing on a design. Construction Managers (CMs) are brought on board early in the process to help assess the feasibility and begin working on an initial budget. Throughout the design process we are constantly receiving feedback for more accurate and transparent cost information that is directly passed on to the client.

Bonsai Design+Build is also a certified Passive House Designer and Builder. As such, we approach each project with passive principals in mind, maximizing on wellness and energy efficiency . By using these methods, we are able to produce unparalleled and dynamic spaces that reunite the synergy between nature and the people within.

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