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Brighton Gym

Location : Brighton, Colorado (Undetermined)

Project Type : Commercial

Project Year :: 2022

Firm Involvement :: Architecture Concept

Size :: 33,235 SF

Program :: Gym, Juice bar, and Yoga Studio

Stories : 2


The Brighton gym is a theoretical multi-program commercial project that includes the primary gym use with an accessory juice bar and yoga studio. A double height atrium is surrounded by these programs and serves as flanking modules to anchor the main entrance.

Each program features their own distinct color and design presence, such as diamond-shaped shiny aluminum panels, corrugated and wood panels; however, they are all harmoniously linked together through the rhythmic infrastructure and architecture such as floor to ceiling storefronts that blur the line between indoor and outdoor. The balanced arrangement of the programs creates exciting interior and exterior spaces.

The juice bar and the yoga studio are located on the front right and front left respectively. The juice bar includes an indoor seating and a Drive-thru on the first level, the second level has indoor and outdoor seating that is accessed independently through the atrium. This creates a diverse functional space that blends social and eating areas simultaneously. The yoga studio has a main practice area surrounded by views to the exterior and the atrium, the ancillary programming is tucked in the back.

The main gym’s first level contains an open equipment area, flex spaces, lockers, and other ancillary areas. The first and second level are interconnected through an atrium-like open court. The second level has dedicated cardio areas and offices surround the open court and overlooks into the open gym below. The level above the yoga studio can be accessed through the gym and has a dedicated area for stretching, and an outdoor space dedicated to the staff. The gym’s roof supports large honey-comb-shaped skylights flooding the gym in natural light.

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