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The center's vision was to create a focal point in a Denver community, which will draw eco-tourism activity. This will in turn bring people together to learn, network, and inspire individuals, communities, and public/private agencies to push for the acceptance of innovative and radically sustainable housing practices. It will demonstrate fully integrated and holistic food production systems

The center for regenerative living was a joint effort and vision with Regenerative Adventures. The architecture looked to bring an Earthship inspired development to the city of Denver, in hopes of providing a catalyst for future development of this holistic housing type. Earthships inherently have the ability to provide safe, healthy, and secure housing that is non-taxing on the existing infrastructure. Earthships collect rain and snow water to store it for future use. The collected water is then filtered and put to potable uses. The grey water is then collected and used for plant irrigation and food production in the greenhouse space with the added use of flushing toilets. Black water from this system can then be stored in a traditional septic tank and overflow to an outdoor leach field. This system makes it optional, rather than mandatory, to tap into the city utility systems

The unique south facing corridors of an Earthship, act as a built-in "green house" space, and circulation for the users. This space helps regulate and stabilize temperatures in the winter and the summer, using thermal mass and heat collection techniques. It provides space for ample food production with the exterior facade carrying a solar system that can meet the power and energy needs of the home

Earthships utilize a large quantity of recycled materials in their construction, namely the north, east and west thermal mass walls. They are traditionally made up of used tires filled with dirt and covered with earth plaster.  Using these methods, construction costs are significantly decreased due to the low requirements of new, raw building materials

These unique and greatly advantageous features that Earthships inherently provide, directly address the demand for sustainable and affordable housing. Limiting energy and water use, these structures reduce the need for traditional energy and water sources and thus empowers individuals to increase local food production.  It is easy to see how a future Earthship community can help alleviate and facilitate the universal needs for Denver's growing and diverse population

The center is an ongoing vision and goal for both Bonsai Design+ Build and Regenerative Adventures. To learn how you can contribute to, or join the movement and support the vision, do not hesitate to contact us or Regenerative Adventures: Regenerative Adventures

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