Making the decision to remodel your existing house, build a new dream home, develop new property, or re-develop an existing structure is no small feat. We, here at Bonsai Design + Build, understand the sacrifice and large investment required to take on such a task, and to help get the process started, we offer an initial concept package, giving you an overview of the project that includes a concept design and concept construction budget. 

Concept services are offered at a small fraction of overall fees, but offers a lot of information; field verification, concept design plans, and an initial construction budget. This package gives you a preliminary snapshot of what it might require to undertake your project.

To get a better sense for our Concept Design services, please feel free to download a sample Concept Design package. This sample Concept Design package was done for a client, who was looking to add square footage and spruce up their current home with a pop-top addition to their mid-century classic! It required field verification, as-built documentation, design, concept documentation, and preliminary budgeting. After this phase, we will propose a fee for full design+build services, or just design, or just build. We cater our services to your project and your needs!   

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