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10  /   31   /   2022

As we approach the cooler months of fall and winter, staying warm naturally becomes a big priority. Home heating means have historically come with non-electric and inefficient systems. As a design+build firm that emphasizes high-performance, we are excited to share some innovative technology that allows us to build 100% electric homes that can still include our creature comforts like fireplaces. 

Introducing: the Bioethanol fireplace. e-NRG has developed a pure, eco-friendly, and plant-based fuel that creates a magnificent flame without the need for a gas-line. We recently installed a bio-fireplace in the White Hue Passive Home which is 100% electric and extremely efficient (pictured above). According to the e-NRG website, bioethanol fuel has the lowest odor, longest burn time, and the most vibrant flame. It is also very safe to use and refuel with a safety nozzle and bottles are fitted with a flame arrester.

As we project toward the future of home-building, the conversation of reducing our carbon footprint becomes more and more critical. When it comes to fireplaces, bioethanol is the best and cleanest way to enjoy not only the aesthetic of a fireplace, but also the delightful warmth they emit. This fuel allows for a clean burn, no harmful emissions with no smoke, no soot, and no ash emitted. As it burns, bioethanol releases heat, carbon dioxide and steam. The carbon dioxide released is reabsorbed by plants.

It really is exciting to see new, advanced technologies come into the marketplace that allow for both efficiency and comfort. If you're interested in upgrading your home to electric or building high-performance, we are happy to help! 

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