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02/    01  /   2023

Beginning March 1st of 2023 the city and county of Denver will roll out new incentives for higher performance building techniques and all electric building. This goes hand in hand with Denver’s adoption of the 2022 International Energy Conservation Code. In 2019 Denver adopted a 20 year vision called “Comprehensive Plan 2040”. This plan strives to attain a more sustainable, healthy, and equitable city. The first goal of the plans Environmentally Resilient section is focused on embracing renewable energy, reduction of energy use in buildings, and adoption of green building design. The move to use 2022 IECC standards is part of this shift. The 2022 IECC requirements will effect new residential construction in some of the following ways

  • Minimum electrification requirements of new builds

  • Reducing maximum flow rates on new plumbing fixtures

  • More stringent interior material selections to promote healthy environments

  • Extended times for gas appliance permits.

  • Energy Retrofit reports for replacement of old gas appliances.

One of the main concerns with building at such a high standard is upfront cost. Denver is updating its rebate program so that homeowners can be reimbursed for equipment like Heat Pumps, Minisplits, and Solar.
BONSAI practices Pasivhaus techniques in all of our builds meaning that much of the upcoming changes are already commonplace in every project.  Our commitment to sustainable design practices along with a specialized construction crew are providing clients with homes and remodels that meet or exceed current trends.  

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Comprehensive Plan 2040

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