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Eco-sustainable insulation

03/    01  /   2023

Eco-Sustainable Insulation
High-performance building materials are chosen based on the balance of quality and price. Nowadays, homeowners will Choose eco-sustainable insulation over standard even if it’s a bit more expensive. The benefits of using sustainable insulation are numerous including the following:
-    Reduction and or elimination of the release harmful toxins.
-    Improvement of indoor air quality.
-    Increase of energy efficiency.
-    Reduction of environmental impact throughout the material life cycle.
-    Content that can be recycled.
There are many types of eco-sustainable insulation that help you achieve such goals. We picked our 3 favorites:
-    Rockwool – Made of basalt rock. It doesn’t require additional chemicals to make it fire resistant.
-    ThremaCork - Made from the outer bark of oak trees. It is highly renewable.
-    Cellulose – Made from recycled paper. Non-toxic and family safe.
BONSAI is committed to sustainable design practices; we have experience using sustainable materials at all facets of construction. Reach out if you are interested in exploring healthy, sustainable and energy efficient architecture + construction for your project!  
(Add image of house with Rockwool insulation)

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