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07   /   05   /   2022

Here at BONSAI we are always nerding out over tech that can improve the efficiency of a home. The first topic we want to cover is electric heat pumps (EHPs). EHPs are 100% electric, meaning they condition (heat and cool) your house without the use of gas. Natural Gas as a fuel source is impossible to offset on site, thus making net zero unattainable. But, with EHPs, considering the system is 100% electric, it's possible to achieve Net Zero. And coupled with a photovoltaic system, all heating and cooling energy needs can be met on site.  EHPs are more efficient down to nearly 25 to 30 degrees below zero, meaning they will work great in CO!

Another great benefit of EHPs is humidity control. In the summer months, to aid in cooling the home, the heat pump will dehumidify the air without trouble. Similarly, the heat pump won't dry out the air when heating in the way that traditional forced air systems do.
EHPs are very easy to install, making them suitable for both remodels and new homes. The process of running line sets does not require any duct work, eliminating forced air systems altogether which accumulate dust over time, creating a cleaner interior air quality. This means there is no blowing air, just running compressed refrigerant to the mini split head. 

This type of system is perfect for remodels because of the lack of ductwork, and you can easily adapt a heat pump system. You are also left with a very clean look because of the lack of soffits to encapsulate ductwork. Zone-specific heating/cooling coils (Mini Split heads) can be wall mounted or even hidden in wall and ceiling cavities. EHPs + mini split, are ultimately more efficient because you don't need to condition an entire house, only the space that you are occupying. As a result, you see significant savings on energy bills. Not to mention healthier as there are no dusty ducts to consider and allows for cleaner soffit-less interiors

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