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07   /   05   /   2022

What better way to make a comeback than with some exciting news? BONSAI is getting a face lift! Well, not the team, but our website is. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to simplify, reorganize, and refresh our website to provide a more user-friendly experience and highlight our Concept Service.

If you weren’t already aware, BONSAI offers a variety of services, most of which are pretty involved on their own. Our main goal with this new website and launch was to make these services digestible and approachable for anyone who may come across our page. With particular emphasis on the Concept Service, the new site provides a comprehensive look inside our methods and processes. We developed a three-step process accompanied by visual elements that walk a user through each phase from start to finish. 

Architecture and design, at their core, are visual mediums. With this in mind, the new site highlights the use of appealing imagery and layouts to enhance the user experience. From highlighting our portfolio of work, to showcasing our awesome team members, visuals play a vital role in our messaging. 

We hope you’ll take a minute to explore the new website and maybe even share it with a few friends. We are excited to present this fresh but familiar face of BONSAI!

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