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10/   03   /   2022

Considering Solar for your project? 

According to the Solar Energies Industries association, Colorado ranked 13th in the nation for solar energy. Colorado currently gets about 6% of its totally energy consumption from solar and is projected to dramatically increase over the next 10 years. With current government rebates and upcoming incentives from the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, there hasn't been a better time to consider solar for your home. 

BONSAI has equipped many of its projects with solar and the results have been fantastic. With a great building envelope and a properly sized system, you can produce enough energy to fully power your house, and possibly create surplus for credit or storage. Also, according to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, homes with solar systems sell for roughly 3.75% more than comparable properties without. 

Most solar panels have a manufactures warranty of continuing efficiency production for up to 25 years, and installation companies offer many coverage options for repair and maintenance. To give you an idea of just how efficient your home can become through the use of solar arrays, we like to cite the White Hue Passive House (which we highlighted above). According to the homeowners, they've seen utility bills as low as single digit totals. If you're considering solar for your project, BONSAI has the network and experience to make it a reality, don't hesitate to reach out and upgrade your home!