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Front Gate.jpg

Location: Denver, Colorado

Project Type: Single Family Residential

Energy Performance: IECC+

Project Year: 2021

Firm Involvement: Architecture

Size: 2200 SF

Program: 8, Single family units

Stories: 1

Exterior House.jpg
Interior Looking Into House.jpg

For this endeavor we worked with the land owners to help conceptualize a private sanctuary within the city. At the center of the site is an arboretum which informed the overall design. This site was quite challenging as a large portion was situated within the floodplain. Our solution to this scenario was found within the use of elevated pods situated high above the plain with a shared driveway for efficiency and to circumvent flooding 

The sanctuary was designed for the homes to be built on elevated pods above the floodplain. The interior program spaces were designed to be modular so each section can be interchanged and customizable but still cohesive. Stylistically the home and pods were influenced by the Prairie style architecture, made famous by one of our favorite American architects, Frank Lloyd Wright

each unit of the cherry hills sanctuary was designed to maximize efficiency with both active and passive means of heating and cooling systems. Some of the techniques and methods we conceptualized to achieve this were the use of atriums, geothermal heat pump, solar roof tiles, and an insulated slab on Grade. All of these would be combined to make for a super efficient passive house

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