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09   /   06   /   2022

Insulated concrete forms, aka ICF's, are an alternative home building system that truly blow traditional construction out of the water. Even with complicated forms, ICF's prove their worth in saving time and resources.

ICF's, like BuildBlock and QuadLock, provide a single product that combines formwork, insulation, energy performance, and structural capabilities in one. The ICF itself acts as a vapor barrier along with up to an R22 insulation. The concrete core comes in a variety of widths and can be used with multiple types of exterior finishes. BONSAI has been particularly thrilled with the TaperTop block which allows for better structural load bearing and a more seamless waterproofing and air sealing detail.

Some of the most notable benefits for homeowners when they choose to build with ICF's are the quietness they provide, the durability (lasting up to 100's of years), and an overall cleaner and healthier home from reduced dust and moisture buildup. The low waste and energy efficiency of ICFs are also a huge plus for us at BONSAI as we constantly strive to design and build the most efficient spaces we can. The foam that surrounds the concrete in ICF's will not degrade or decay and won't lose its insulation value. These forms create airtight homes and are designed in such a way that very little waste is produced in the build process.

Some rather impressive stats that has been able to gather from efficiency reports of homes with ICF's include: 58% better overall R/RSI-value than the insulated wood frame cavity wall, and 60% better energy savings than the insulated wood frame cavity wall. All these incredible benefits and payoffs make it clear how rewarding it is to work with ICF's

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