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Location: Alma, Colorado

Project Type: Single Family Residential

Energy Performance: Passive House Inspired

Firm Involvement: Concept Design

Size: 1,760 SF

Program: 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage

Stories: 2

Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this quaint writer’s retreat was slated to be located about 5 miles from Fairplay, Colorado. With views to Mt Democrat on the north and Mt Sherman and Sheridan on the southwest, this cabin in the mountain was designed to celebrate the landscape that it is in while showcasing the charm of the wooden materials that surround the area. It could be an area where the owner could escape the bustling city life to write and read at their leisure. Clad in treated wood, this facade will patina from a light brown to a beautiful worn silvery grey. The garage would be wrapped in charred shou sugi ban with a large fireplace clad in stone protruding through the roofline. This would balance the glazing that creates solar gain to the inside of the house.


The walls would be highly insulated with a mineralwool drainboard system and batts that push the wall past R20. The concrete slab on grade floor with radiant tubing creates a high thermal mass that will create a highly comfortable setting within the house. Glazing on the southern side creates passive heat and light that infiltrates deep into the house.

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