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About Bonsai

01/    03  /   2023

Happy New Year! 
This New Year, like all New Years, represents an opportunity to begin new resolutions and rekindle forgotten interests. Now that we are freshly into 2023, we at BONSAI wanted to take this opportunity to review with everyone why we exist and how we can be of service. 
BONSAI is a multi-disciplinary firm approaching all challenges from a Design-Build perspective. We are a group of Architects and Builders offering turnkey Design + Construction services for both private and public clients. Our specialty is residential design and construction, approaching every project through the filter of how our architecture can best harmonize within its context and environment. We believe that our structures should not only shelter and protect, but also serve and sustain its habitants and its surroundings. Thus, we use the Passivhaus and Biotecture building science principles to inform every one of our projects. As an Architect-Led Design+Build (ALDB) firm we hold these design principles throughout the entire process, from napkin sketch-throughout construction, and holistically consider every detail, front to end; Landscape Design, Architecture, and Interiors, we handle it all in-house under one simple fixed fee. Our cost + fixed fee contracts bring honesty and transparency to the construction industry. 
If you have been considering taking on a project, whether that is a remodel, rehabilitation or addition to an existing structure or new construction on undeveloped land, BONSAI can help. As an Architecture firm, we are able to break out the conceptual phase of an Architects traditional scope and offer a low commitment concept design + budgeting service for a fraction of the costs of what it would otherwise require to understand your project; from an entitlement, schedule and most importantly cost perspective.
Reach out to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your project and this service with our Architect at no cost. This is a great way to get your questions answered and gauge the feasibility of your project. Whether you are local in the Denver Metro area, or on a remote island in Hawaii; because part of concept design requires a zoning + code study for your specific location, this is a service that can be performed anywhere, from anywhere. 
Let’s plan for a prosperous 2023 together.

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