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12/    30  /   2022

One of the big questions when contemplating a construction project is usually based around funding. “Is this affordable and realistic for me?” Great question! With so many financing options and rising interest rates, it can be difficult to choose what’s right for you and your new home, addition or remodel project. Luckily here at BONSAI we have years of expertise and can help advise you on all the options for financing a project. Construction loans or HELOC’s are a great place to start. Both require either significant equity in one’s property or capital down payment. BONSAI offers a low-cost service to help facilitate financing options with a lender. Don't know any? We can help with that too!

Our concept service is centered around design and budgeting to help get your project to its sweet spot for what is manageable. Throughout this concept design phase we give you options so you can both see design implications and budgetary consequences.

Our concept drawings can be taken directly to a bank and used for appraisals. Reliably use our budget to work out financing options with a financial institution or banker of your choice. We lay everything out for you so that financing decisions can be made quickly and easily.

We can even work with you to offset soft costs until construction loans are in place to help facilitate project financing. Our concept service builds instant equity! At BONSAI, we are happy to help you achieve your construction goals and strive to create lasting, transparent and meaningful relationships with all our clients.

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