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Location: Denver, Colorado

Project Type: Addition

Energy Performance: IECC+

Firm Involvement: Unbuilt

Size: 981 SF

Program: 3 bed, 2 baths

Stories: 1


From the front street, this landmarked house looks just like the others along the block. However, once you move along the back, the new addition comes into view showcasing a step towards the future. With the subtle form of the gable being reintroduced in a contemporary light, this small add to a historic house gives it a new life. From the beetle kill pine boards that sits within the standing seam metal shell, every move was intentionally pushed and pulled to create a new home. The garage hosts the same form yet in a smaller scale, calling back to it’s bigger brother. This new space encourages more use of the outdoor space while also creating new area within the house for a growing family. The large windows are portals of light that draw in the golden evening light from the Colorado sun

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