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01   /   24   /   2020

For the last 10 years, Colorado Business Journal has celebrates their Top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals at their annual Gen XYZ Awards. Hundreds of people apply to advocate for their nominee under 40 years old. These people must excel in their professional and personal lives. Individuals nominated are among those who strive to make the communities around them thrive and also lead those people to excel in their careers. The candidates are specialists in many fields ranging from law to robotics.  They are the future of the industry and culture within Denver’s thriving metro area.

This last week, we at Bonsai Design + Build had the pleasure of participating in their 10 year anniversary event. We attended because Josh was nominated for this award and made it to the Top 50 Finalists! During this occasion it was announced that he received one of the ColoradoBiz 2020 Top 25 Young Professionals. We are so proud of what he accomplished and know that it will be the first of many.


Josh Oqueli is an incredibly inspiring person who is dedicated to the work that he produces and the sustainability that he promotes. Through years of experience and finding his workflow, he has kept Bonsai Design + Build successful for 6+ years while facing many financial and physical adversities. While his competitors are large and daunting, he will always be pushing the envelope on true sustainability and all-inclusive design. In a world of big corporations and old money, he is a breath of fresh air and a hope for the future of innovative architecture.


Visit the link for more information on Josh and see his thought process behind the design and build method.

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