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Josh Oqueli

Architect + Builder​

A California native, brought to Colorado for high school, Josh decided that one of the best ways to attain his long-term goals while getting to see the world was to serve his country, thus, Josh committed to a four-year contract with the United States Marine Corps. During his enlistment and tour of duty, he was deployed to Zaragoza, Spain. There, while traveling on a weekend trip to Barcelona, he discovered his love and passion for architecture while visiting the work of master builder, Antonio Gaudi and his Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. Since then, Josh knew that in order to create great architecture, like Gaudi, he had to dedicate himself to not only designing his architecture, but also building it.

Josh holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver. He is an NCARB certified architect, registered in the state of Colorado, and holds a Class-C Construction license in the City and County of Denver. Josh holds over 16 years experience with different architecture firms in Colorado. In 2013 he founded Bonsai Design + Build, to combine the practices of architecture and construction to explore the concept of high performance + sustainable architecture.

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