Justin DiBiase

Finance & Operations Manager

A transplant to Colorado, originally from Rochester, NY. Justin, received his Bachelors in Business Administration from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. Justin stumbled into the accounting world by working his way up to bookkeeping for a small mom-and-pop business. 

Joining Bonsai Design + Build in 2016 as the firms accountant + controller, and brings his entrepreneurial spirit and small business management experience which has proven essential to fulfilling the growing firm’s day-to-day operational needs. Since joining Bonsai Design + Build, Justin has been an instrumental part to the firms operations, setting himself as one of the cornerstones to the firm.  

Justin manages the firm’s growing bookkeeping practice, coordinates its sub-contractors insurance policies and contracts, handles daily expenditures via its construction management software, coordinates project operations manuals, is the liaison between the construction firm and architectural practices in its business intertwines, handles billing, invoicing, dipping into the architectural marketing world, he oversees the firms website and RFQ/RFP processes, and in general holds it all together.