Our approach to design and building, much like the ancient Japanese art of Bonsai, is a holistic one. We look at each project as an opportunity to solve problems, create something beautiful out of something that may otherwise have been discarded, or to nurture and grow something out of nothing! We look at the overall picture, a complicated yet subtle process in which the desired gravitas of the building arises from the simplicity of the aesthetic and its function and performance, Like Bonsai, architecture is the product of painstaking hard work and patience. 

Harmony with our environment is always on the forefront with every project we take on. Whether its a simple remodel or a large scale multi-family development. Our staff is well educated and trained in the Passive House Principles, and implement some, if not all into each design; minimize or eliminate thermal bridging, airtight building envelope design and construction, high-performance windows and doors, moisture-recovery whole house ventilation, and most importantly, exploit the sun's energy for heating purposes, or solar gain management with our building forms and design. If these basic principles are implemented into the design effectively, minimal space conditioning systems are required, giving the building user unmatched comfort, superb indoor air quality, and unparalleled energy efficiency. We design and build with our environment, not against it.  

We believe the Architect-Led Design + Build business model makes increasing sense in this often times, contentious industry as we attempt to blur the lines traditionally seen between an architect and contractor relationship. We offer a turn-key, holistic approach to the process of creating architecture and the evidence lies in the success of our designs and high caliber of our construction projects.