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A new construction project can be a daunting task. No matter the scope, every project starts with a vision. To help initiate and quantify that vision, we offer concept design and budgeting services at a fraction of overall architecture and general contractor fees.

The 3 step ‘Concept Service’ gives a preliminary snapshot of the project to help with understanding the scope, steps, and potential costs of taking on the project at a fraction of a typical Architecture fees

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The first step is to understand the context of the project. When working with an existing building we scan the structure with Matterport or 3D LiDAR to inform existing “As-Built” Drawings and review zoning requirements. Once a basis is established we move into a Programming Meeting to discuss your overall goals and vision for the project. The Programming Meeting is a chance to get to know each other, and understand your project in greater detail. This is ideally done on site, in the spaces we are affecting or at our office when contemplating new structures. This “charrette” is all about information gathering, napkin sketches, and big ideas!


Once overall objectives are understood, we will take a first pass at a concept design and produce a set of preliminary drawings to include; site plans, programmatic floor plans and 3D massing elevations. At this stage, we are also informing the design with a cost analysis and rough order of magnitude for the potential project

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The conceptual design drawings are then finalized and used for estimates and take-offs to produce a line-item budget for the scope as defined. To get a better understanding of what this package of information looks like, feel free to download a precedent project below. This information package can be used to initiate a conversation with a financial institution or business partners if you are looking to finance your project. Additionally it gives an understanding of what it's going to take to bring your vision to reality!


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As a registered Architect, BONSAI offers stand alone project documentation services which could be treated separate from construction, as in a traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery method. Architecture services span from feasibility studies by way of our Concept Package through Architectural Documentation, Entitlement and Construction Administration (CA)

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In Architect-Led Design+Build (ALDB) the Owner and Architect enter a single contract for turnkey Architecture + Construction services. The Architect works as the Owner’s representative and single point of contact for the duration of the entire project - through design, entitlement and construction. Since the Architect is in direct control of the drawings, we are able to coordinate with subcontractors and vendors early in the process, gaining valuable information, thus gathering better insight into the build and more accurate estimation. Sharing knowledge between the Architect and the trades early in the process allows the Architect to lessen the likelihood of adverse circumstances, this creates a more refined, carefully crafted build and more fluid and efficient design + build schedule


 BONSAI is a fully licensed and insured General Contractor, thus offering stand-alone General Contracting and Construction/Project Management services. No matter the stage of your project, we can formulate a construction budget and present it in a simple, organized, and easily managed way.

Our Concept Service is stand alone and there is no obligation to move forward. If you choose to proceed with the project, the Concept fee will be applied towards the cost of Architecture services. Based on your preference, the Concept can be wrapped into an Architecture only scope or turn-key Design + Build services.

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At BONSAI, we believe our reputation, up-front honesty, and working relationships are critical to our success, and thus, the success of your project. We pride ourselves in providing maximum transparency for each phase of the Design + Build process. We are truly an “Open-Book” Design + Build firm from start to finish

Our Architectural Services are based on a “Turn-key” Fixed-Fee approach which makes it an understandable, manageable, and transparent cost for any client. One flat fee for the full scope of Architectural Documentation and Entitlement service

We manage every build in an open book manner. Every line item goes out to bid, the cost is transparently shared and passed on. No mark up, no hidden fees

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