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Sarah Vanderpool

Architectural Designer

Growing up in a small town in western Colorado, Sarah had many interests that were sparked by her unrestrained creativity. Her passionate drive for architecture started in middle school when she realized the possibility of a complex challenge through combining space and senses. In high school she attended a technical college and obtained her certificate in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. She then spent three years at the University of Colorado Denver where she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture degree at the age of 20. For the Fall of 2018 she was accepted as a Master’s of Architecture Candidate at the University of Colorado Denver where she plans on continuing academia for two more years.

While attending the undergraduate program, Sarah found her interest in the practice of design-build. In the Fall of 2017 she helped fundraise and design a school/community center that would be built in Nicaragua. That winter she and 16 other people traveled down to the hamlet of Jalapa where they manually built the school with local volunteers. This experience created a sense of curiosity to the world of design-build where soon after, she investigated this niche as a professional outlet. She strives to become licensed and teach as a college professor in her future, but for now she hopes to bring new ideas and an unrelenting drive to a field she has grown to love.