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Location: Denver, Colorado

Project Type: Townhomes, 3 units

Energy Performance: IECC +

Project Year: 2015-2016

Firm Involvement: Architecture

Size: 2,424 SF

Program: 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Car Garage

Stories: 2


This existing four apartment complex was re-developed into 3 for sale townhomes. The existing structure had three units over the main floor and one large unit spanning the entirety of the structures basement. In order to ‘townhouse’ this project, new fire rated walls would need to be designed and specified to properly separate each unit 

Each units would need a new stair opening, connecting basement and main level. All units would be complete with a family room, wet bar, and a fireplace in the lower garden level basement. Each unit has its own fenced in yard, front, and back decks, and 1-car garage accessible from the alley 

Screenshot 2022-07-12 125221.png
Detailed floorplan.png
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