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Location: Littleton, Colorado

Project type: Single Family Residential

Energy Performance: Passive House Inspired

Project Year: 2020-2021

Firm Involvement: Architecture + Construction

Size: 2450 SF

Program: 4 Bed, 3 Bath, 2 car garage

Stories: 2

White Hue
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When approached for this project the clients had the goals of creating a highly efficient home that was unassuming from the street front but also capitalized on views to the stream and trees to the rear of the property. This truly unique project capitalized on site topography that sloped from the street, down to the creek. This allowed for a full lower level of spaces with views to the rear and small courtyard encompassed by structure on either side. The lower level areas are also guarded from street noises, making it conducive to the clients recording studio. On the main level the entry leads directly into an open living area and direct views to the rear.


The wings of the main level contain the kitchen and guest suite to one side, and master suite to the opposite. Being 100% electric, a solar array helps to power all appliances in the home, including an ERV, heat pump and minisplits, induction cooktop, and double stacked wall ovens. Combined with extensive thermal envelope detailing attaining a 0.9 air exchange per hour, the clients have reported energy bills in the single digits.

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